6 Day Cycle Schedule Information

As of this school year both Cold Spring and Seymour Smith are on the same 6 Day Cycle schedule, instead of a Monday through Friday schedule. One of the major benefits of this change is that a class no longer misses a particular special if school is closed on a Monday for a holiday and a snow day no longer prevents a class from having a special such as physical education class. 

Please see the 6 Day Cycle schedule for this month.  Check with your child’s/children’s homeroom teacher(s) to determine on which cycle days specific special classes, (such as Art, Library, Music and Physical Education classes), are scheduled if you have not already received this information. 

In following the 6 Day Cycle schedule remember that if school is closed, even for a snow day, the next day in session is the cycle day that was to occur if school hadn’t been closed.  So, for example, if school was closed on a Monday which was to be a Day 3, Tuesday, when school re-opens, will be a Day 3. 

We hope that you find this information helpful, assisting you and your child/children.