The next BLT meeting is scheduled for 10/16.

Minutes from 9/18:

-Ideas for inservice classes on MAP report usage were shared.

-The building goal focused on MIT - Engagement, with IT of Growth, Reflection, Relationships, and Cultural Responsiveness.

-Members are also planning for Career Day & Grandfriend Day.


Minutes from 5/22:

-The team discussed our presence at the Colalborative Educator's Summit this summer.

-The team planned remaining events for the school year.

-The team discussed the use of pre-tests for units throughout the year, shaping our AIS program.


Minutes from 4/17

-Handwriting in Art was discussed.  Implementation through curriculum such a "Cast a Spell" and sand/shaving cream for 2nd & 3rd grades.  Review of grade level expectations TBD.

-Lab or LGI space discussed

-EiE time during Science block & other curricular resources discussed

-Next topic Flex time & class loads


Minutes from 3/20/17

-The BLT planned for the school visit to ESM

-We reviewed the 2017-18 traditional schedule and made adjustments

-The BLT discussed monthly school assemblies, TBC.


Minutes from 2/27 (rescheduled)

-The BLT planned for Read Across America Day

-The BLT planned for SCD, prepared for meeting about the schedule, and reviewed STEM & PBL Goals


Minutes from 1/23:

-The BLT made plans for our upcoming visit to ESM schools.  Included was a disccusion surrounding STEM & PBL: scheduling, differentiation, traditional vs PBL model, and curriculum guides/assessment.


Minutes from 12/19:

-The BLT discussed PBL observation in January, as well a reviewing the book by our next meeting.  We will plan for SCD training after we complete our visit.

-Grandfriends day was discussed.  A possible time for the event would be springtime.

-Career day was discussed.  A possilbe time for the event would be fall, soliciting input from Open House attendees. 

Minutes from 11/22:

-The BLT watched a video on PBL from the Buck Institute.  PBL resources were discussed (Wonders research & inquiry, Science A-Z).  The team will start a book study next month.

-The BLT agreed to welcome back Bill Robinson and his Birds of Prey & Reptiles presentation to foster engagement in science.


Minutes from 10/17:

-The BLT solidified the building to goal to survey STEM opportunities at SSILC this year, gathering baseline data, and piloting STEM curriculum.

-The team reviewed PBIS programming and will support a student of the week in each grade level, chosen on Fridays.  A rubric will be distributed to teachers and shared with students as measurable demonstrations of our ROARS characteristics.

-EXPO themes were discussed.  The team would like to support a STEM topic.

-PBL will be discussed at the next meeting

Minutes from 9/19:

-BLT members discussed the building goal.  Resolutions were made to include examining our Math and Science programs to support a STEM goal for the 17-18 school year.

-BLT memebers discussed sharing our STEM initiatives with the BOE during the annual building tour.

-A decision was reached to not mandate winter MAP for all students, only those who are progress monitored.

-Agenda items remaining for October include PBL, PBIS, and Club activity.

Minutes from 6/20:

-The BLT discussed a school-wide Moving Up assembly.  This idea was not supported by the BLT.

-The BLT is ready to examine results from our 2 year writing goal in the Fall.

-PD was discussed

-Running records was discussed.

Minutes from 5/16:

-The BLT discussed monthly events for the 2016-2017 school year

-The team will be establishing a building wide goal in September

-PBIS was discussed


Minutes from 4/18:

-Read Across America feedback was discussed.

-Character Ed format was discussed.

-Keyboarding was discussed.

-Career Day was discussed.

-There was an interest in Responsive Classroom.

Minutes from 2/22:

-The team prepared for Read Across America.

-The team discussed the Interim data, and a before school extra help proposal.

-Scheduling and 6-day rotation was discussed.

Minutes from 1/25:

-Volunteers were accepted to serve as part of the DLT.

-Literacy Night planning is underway through the PTAs, with a camping theme.

-Scheduling was mentioned as it relates to speicals and lunch.

-The idea of a Writing AI was discussed.

-There was support for a SSILC Postcard design with the Lion on it.

-The idea of a Math Bootcamp for parents was discussed, as possibly having it in conjunction with Math & Science night.  A science fair was also discussed as a possibility.

Minutes from 12/21:

-The team reviewed Trimester 1 results and discussed action plans including discussions of the writing program, Write Source, and Information Text practices.

-The team was updated on the current status of APPR, and heard highlights from the Commissioner's workshop.

-The team brainstormed PD opportunities.

Minutes from 11/16:

-The team decided to utilize winter MAPs for students who have educational plans in place.

-The team is supportive of hosting a literacy night, in conjunction with CS and the PTA. A technology station was a favorable point of discussion.

-The team hopes to introduce Grandfriends day in the spring. Students would be able to ask their grandfriends questions, give them a gift, or listen to a story read to them.

-The team discussed professional development opportunities that would fit within our tight schedule. 


Minutes from 10/19:

-The team discussed the administration of the winter MAP.  A decision will be made at the next meeting.

-The team looked into PBIS models, and felt our current IST & RtI process met our needs.

-Ms. Roberts reviewed some of the book titles available in our professional collection, and which might best suit our PD needs.

-The team was introduced to KidBiz3000

-The team discussed having an Ag Day field day to support problem solving skills in the fall.  All were in support.

-The team brainstormed ways in which to increase parent involvement. 

-Our attendance protocol was reviewed, and all team members were in support of the existing procedures. 


Minutes from 9/21/15:

-The team discussed sharpening our Vertical PLC meeting time to closely focus on student data.  The District K-12 Instructional Plan is instrumental in considering this process.

-State Test results were examined on a building level.

-Report Card results were examined by standard for each grade level.  Areas of focus were identified.

-The BLT supported maintaining a Building-wide goal in the area of Writing for the 2015-2016 school year.  A formal presentation will be made at the October faculty meeting, and published to the website after that.