Principal's Message

Julie Roberts
Seymour Smith Principal

Around the holidays people often talk about what they're thankful for.  Family and school activities can inspire a youngster to express gratitude now and all year long.  As we look at the calendar, a rush of thoughts come to mind: the people we'll be spending time wtih, the weather and natural ocurrences (dare I mention snow), or activities we may or may not get to.  When we receive gifts, it's a reminder to think about what the giver put into thinking about.  At the very basis is time.  Be generous with your time.  It's important to realize that with this season, comes a season of kindess, that needs to be sprinkled throughout the year.  Thank you for sharing your kindness with us, and our school community.  We look forward to a season of gratitude and modeling a givers heart and a mindset of service with our students throughout the school year.  All the best this holiday season!  Ms. Roberts


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