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Julie Roberts
Seymour Smith Principal

Summer is here!  I am happy that I will be seeing some of our students during our summer school program - because it is too quiet here at Seymour!  Be sure to check out our summer reading picks from Mrs. Curnan, and work on your ThinkStretch workbooks!  Here's some advice I've gleaned from Mrs. Macri:

-Cook with your child - Use a recipe, maybe even one that has been handed down.  This practices the concepts of problem solving, fractions, measurement, adn cooperations.

-Read with your child.  Anything from newspapers, magazines, books, jouirnals, instructions, etc.  This increases comprehension, fluency, and a love of the written word.

-Get out.  Go places.  Take the time to explore, be curious, find new places to enjoy.  This improves mood and boyd healthy, and increases knowledge of hte phsycial world, plus, it's fun!

-Replace some TV time with games, flashcards, puzzles, coloring, journaling, or hobbies.  This will help to continue the learning process and keep minds fresh and sharp over the summer.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!  Next event - Incoming 2nd graders and new student Picnic with the Principal in August!  See you then!


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