Instructional Technology and IT Department

Richard Harlin
Microcomputer Systems Director / IT Director

District IT Line (General Inquiry): 518-398-7181 x1417 (

Mrs. Linda Westpfal - Information Technology Clerk: 518-398-7181 x 1417

Technician Line: 518-398-7181 x 1427

Service Requests Address

Please note that all requests for services for the IT department (including equipment/software requests) are to be entered into the automated system at

Failure to do so will (e.g. non-emergency phone-ins or emails) will introduce delays in getting to your issues, as the service request system is referenced first when making service assignments.


NEW: Videos on Social Media topics are coming!


NEW: New Links, and a new, comprehesive guide to Cybersecurity, Cyberheist, is available from the Security information Page.


NEW: WebDrive: This program allows OneDrive to be mapped to a network drive and assigned a drive letter, O:   

Directions to configure are here:  How to Configure WebDrive

Configuration must be done on each device, under each individual logon. 


Next password reset date: Oct. 10, 2018, see below for details.

Technology Integration Teacher – Michelle Palmieri x1321

Full time Technology Integration support for teachers at Pine Plains School District.  I will be working throughout the District to provide group training on District technology and Just-In-Time support for individual projects.  My background includes experience as both a Special Education Teacher and Computer Science Teacher, with a Masters in Integrating Technology into the Classroom K-12.   

Schedule an individual or group training here: Make an Appointment with Michelle

Mrs. Westpfal at the HS (x1417)

Or my personal email at:  

Please visit my site to see updates and resources:


SAMR Model Graphic







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Learn about the SAMR Model: 

Video: SAMR in 120 Seconds 

Article: SAMR Pragmatic Approach by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura

More on Technology Standards and Models

Office 365

The IT Dept. has migrated all faculty and staff email over to the Office 365 for Education product.  Webmail users may access their email via the Staff and Student links on the District Home Page or via the URL given below.  See login instructions below, along with useful Office 365 links in the Office 365 and OneDrive Resources section on the left side of this page.

Students with personal logins (grades 2 through 12) now have an internal use (PPCSD.ORG) only email address that may be used for academic purposes internally.  The email addresses have a suffix of, so that they may be easily distinguished from faculty and staff email addresses.

The fully featured Office 365 is now available for all District Users (including Students grades 2-12) with a unique login name and password!  Features include:

1. Online Web Versions of MS-Word, Excel, OneNote, and Powerpoint.
2. Outlook/Calendar/Contacts.
3. Online Unlimited size OneDrive Cloud Storage facility for files and folders.
4. Ability to download and install the full MS-Office Professional Package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, Access, and Lync) on up to five personal PC devices, five Mac devices, and five mobile (Android or iOS) devices.

Access to online resources is available on any Internet enabled PC, Mac, or iOS device.

To Login, go the Staff or Student Link on the District Homepage, or go to  Further instructions are available under Office 365 and OneDrive Resources.

To get Started with Office 365, look under Office 365 and OneDrive Resources, in the Technology list form the home page.

One to One Program information:  The District one-to-one computer program entered its third year this September.  An updated, informative FAQ regarding the program is online.  More and updated documents regarding the program and resources for everyone are available in the Instructional Technology Documents Section.

During the last school year, the Technology Committee reviewed the current program and recommended to the Board of Education that it continue and be further expanded into all elementary school grades the 2017-18 school year.  The device chosen for the programs continuation this year is a Dell 3189 laptop, a "ruggedized" computer with a solid state hard drive, spill-proof keyboard, Gorilla-glass touch screen, and Windows 10.  Overall, the program has been expanded to include 1 to 1 tablets at Cold Spring School with the addition of battery-keyboards and classroom carts (for in-school use only), new carts of the Dell 3189 laptop at Seymour Smith, and take-home laptops for grades 6 through 12 at the Stissing Mt. School.  Ordering and preparation of any new equipment began last year and preparation was completed over the summer.

District one to one devices are issued for educational purposes only.  To insure the maximum integrity and flexibility of the one to one program, it is possible to install other programs on the devices.  Any program which is not in line with District educational goals or which is potentially disruptive to network operations will be removed or disabled upon discovery.  Students who do not use a school device at home will be issued one for use during the day, and still have access to the district online resources in Office 365 on any Internet enabled device.

Personal computing devices and associated peripherals are not supported by the district.


The next mandatory password reset and change for all staff will be on Wed., Oct. 10, 2018, watch here for updates. 


The change in password is effective for the shared password that is used for your computer login after power up and for your Office 365 / email account ONLY.  Other passwords, such as those for Schooltool, IEP Direct, Infomatic applications, etc. would NOT be affected.

Webdrive accounts will need to be updated by reinitializing, this is a simple procedure, follow the prompts.

When you first log into a computer in one of the schools on the password change date with your current password ), you will be prompted to change your password, simply follow the prompts. Note that passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE, i.e. if you use caps to type your password, you must use caps every time you log in.  You cannot re-use your old password; a new one must be supplied.  For security’s sake, it is recommended that you use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.

Regarding the password reset: - Note that at this time the change must be made from a computer WITHIN the District. For security reasons it cannot be done remotely.  All staff users who do not complete the change by Wed., Nov. 7, 2018 will have had their accounts disabled.  You will need to contact the IT office to re-enable access of any kind.

Accounts which are not re-enabled by the winter password change are subject to deletion.

If you have any questions please contact the IT office at HS x1417 or x1407.  Thank you.


NOTE! HS/MS Teachers - Individual Server Student Folders for all students are now grouped together in one directory for ease of access, and are no longer separated into "yearly" folders, which many users found confusing.  Thanks.


NOTE! Seymour Smith Teachers - As was true last year, all students in Seymour Smith grades 2 - 5 have their own login and storage area (Drive G:), just like the Middle and High Schools.  Student logins take the form FirstInitial.LastName. (e.g. j.jones)  and the Principal has decided that their passwords will be their student ID numbers.


 Service Submissions:  Due to changes in the Website, there is a new procedure for entering service requests.  All types of requests will use the same system, e.g. Service, Password Change, Equipment Relocation, New Equipment.  To cut down on the possibility of false requests, you MUST use your normal system login and password to access the system.

The address of the New Service Request System is:

For Further Instructions, CLICK HERE



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Excerpts from the 2017 District Technology Plan:


The mission of the technology plan is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. District-wide Programs and instructional approaches must be developed, implemented, nurtured, and supported in order to help students and teachers to become actively engaged in the learning of technological skills.  By combining supportive, responsive classroom methods with open access to resources, state-of-the-art technology, appropriate facilities, and staff who are trained and knowledgeable, all students should become life-long learners and productive members of society.The major goals of technology use in the Pine Plains Central School District as related to the educational experience are:
For each student to demonstrate the ability to acquire information from diverse sources utilizing current technology.
To process the information obtained into appropriate language, multi-media expressions and /or physical models.
To apply the information in order to make informed decisions.To disseminate the information and knowledge in many ways, utilizing the multiple forms and access methods that technology can provide.