Board of Education

The Board of Education appreciates your taking an interest in our school system by attending our board meetings. Board of Education meetings are usually held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Most meetings are held in the Stissing Mountain Middle/High School library. One meeting per year is held at Cold Spring Early Learning Center and one is held at Seymour Smith Intermediate Learning Center. The agenda and location for all meetings are available from the District Clerk and is posted on our website.

The Board of Education provides time at the start and end of each Board meeting for public comment or questions. Board meetings are the only time we can discuss issues or conduct business. To provide sufficient time to address all items on our agenda, each speaker will be asked to limit their comments to two minutes. If your comments require more time, please provide the District Clerk with a written statement at least two days prior to a Board meeting. Copies can then be distributed to Board members prior to the meeting. Laws regarding confidentiality prohibit the Board from discussing particular employees or students without their written consent. If you have concerns regarding a particular employee or student, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, the Board of Education President or a building principal.

The Board may not always have with them the information necessary to answer a question or address your concern. In those cases, please leave your name and contact information with the District Clerk. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking an interest in the important job of educating the children in our district.


Martin Handler, Superintendent of Schools

Michael Goldbeck, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance

Rebecca Green, Director of Pupil Personnel Services

Tara Grieb, Principal, Stissing Mountain Junior / Senior High School

Julie Roberts, Principal, Seymour Smith Intermediate Learning Center

James Glynn, Principal, Cold Spring Early Learning Center

Jeremy Weber, Director of Physical Education and Health

Robert Scott, Athletic Director

Richard McKibben, Director of School Facilities and Operations

Richard Harlin, Director of Microcomputer Systems

Drew Weaver, Transportation Supervisor

Larry Anthony, School Food Service Director


Board Members