Honoring Veterans of Yesterday and Today

The purpose of this student led project is to honor our Nations Veterans.   The ultimate goal is to collect and post personal and historically researched accounts of American wartime veterans so that we can better understand the realities of war.  By telling their story, we honor their sacrifices made for our Freedom.  Students are tasked with researching veterans of yesterday and today while compiling information regarding their military service.  Connections between the two veterans will be made while mainly focusing, whenever possible, on soldiers from New York, Dutchess County, and the general Pine Plains area.  Students will resolve to remember those in uniform today around the world carrying on the tradition and the ideal that we still are a nation conceived in liberty, dedicated to the protection of democracy throughout the globe.

On behalf of Mr. Murray and his Military History Class, we proudly present and honor our Veterans of yesterday and today.


Mr. Orton and Mr. Murray hosted a Veteran Recognition Night on May 23, 2018.  Click on this link to view the pictures.