Series 7000 - Students

Policy Series
Series 7000 - Students
7110 Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy
7111 Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
7120 Age of Entrance
7121 Diagnostic Screening of Students
7130 Entitlement to Attend -- Age and Residency
7131 Education of Homeless Children and Youth
7132 Non-Resident Students
7133 Post Graduate Status
7140 Involuntary Transfer of Students
7150 Educational Services for Married/Pregnant Students
7160 School Census
Student Activities
7410 Extracurricular Activities
7411 School Sponsored Student Publications
7420 Sports and the Athletic Program
7430 Contests for Students, Student Awards and Scholorships
7440 Musical Instruments
7450 Fundraising by Students
7460 Constitutionally Protected Prayer in the Public Schools
7470 Public Performance by Students
7480 Social Events and Non-Curricular Related Class Trips
Student Conduct
7310 School Conduct and Discipline
7311 Loss or Destruction of District Property or Resources
7312 Student Dress Code
7313 Suspension of Students
7314 Student Use of Computerized Information Resources
7316 Student Use Of Personal Technology
7320 Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, and Other Substances
7330 Searches and Interrogations
7340 Bus Rules and Regulations
7350 Corporal Punishment
7360 Weapons in School and the Gun-Free Schools Act
Student Progress
7210 Student Evaluation, Promotion and Placement
7211 Provision of Interpreter Services to Parents Who Are Hearing Impaired
7212 Eligibilty for Summer School
7213 Academic Recognition
7214 Class Rank
7215 Weighting of Grades
7220 Graduation Requirements, Early Graduation, Accelerated Programs
7222 Credential Options for Students with Disabilities
7230 Dual Credit for College Courses
7240 Student Records: Access and Challenge
7242 Student Directory Information
7243 Military Recruiters' Access to Secondary School and Information on Students
7250 Student Privacy, Parental Access to Information, and Administration of Certain Physical Exams to Minors
Student Welfare
7511 Immunization of Students
7512 Student Physicals
7513 Administration of Medication
7514 Student Health Records
7516 Concussion Management
7520 Accidents and Medical Emergencies
7530 Child Abuse and Maltreatment
7540 Suicide
7550 Complaints and Grievances by Students
7551 Sexual Harassment of Students
7552 Bullying: Peer Abuse in the Schools
7553 Hazing of Students
7560 Notification of Sex Offenders
7570 Supervision of Students
7580 Safe Public School Choice Option to Students who are Victims of a Violent Criminal Offense
7590 Dignity For All Students Act
Students With Disabilities
7610 Special Education: District Plan
7611 Children with Disabilities
7612 Grouping by Similarity of Needs
7613 The Role of the Board of Education in Implementing a Student's Individualized Education Program
7614 Preschool Special Education Program
7615 Least Restrictive Environment
7616 Prereferral Intervention Strategies in General Education (Prior to a Referral for Special Education)
7617 Declassification of Students with Disabilities
7618 Additional Procedures for Identifying Students with Learning Disabilities
7620 Students with Disabilities Participating in School District Programs
7621 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
7631 Appointment and Training of Committee on Special Education (CSE) / Subcommittee on Special Education Members
7632 Appointment and Training of Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) Members
7640 Student Individualized Education Program (IEP): Development and Provision
7641 Transition Services
7642 Extended School Year (July / August) Services and/or Programs
7650 Identification and Register of Children with Disabilities
7660 Parent Involvement for Children with Disabilities
7670 Due Process Complaints; Selection And Board Appointment Of Impartial Hearing Officers
7680 Independent Educational Evaluations
7690 Special Education Mediation