8480 Class Size

Adoption Date: 7/13/2005
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Instructional Arrangements
8480 Class Size





It is the desire of the Board of Education to maintain class sizes which ensure the best quality of education within the restraints of the resources and facilities available in the District.


The following recommended class sizes are to serve as a guide to the administration who will attempt to maintain class size whenever feasible. The class sizes are:



Kindergarten, First and Second: 23


Third, Fourth and Fifth: 25


Middle: 28


Secondary:  28


A desirable class size for a first grade class targeted for Academic Intervention Services will be fifteen (15), but shall not exceed seventeen (17) or be less than eight (8).



Secondary minimum class size will be more than ten (10). If there are ten (10) or less in a class, the Principal must have written permission from the Superintendent of Schools to run the course. Secondary courses which have a hard time meeting minimum class size may be offered every other year.



When the desired class size can not be maintained, or when special needs exist, the administration may take action in a variety of formats such as the hiring of a teacher aide, creating another section, or balancing class size through first voluntary transfer and then, if necessary, involuntary transfer.



The class size in a specialized laboratory, experimental teaching, or other non-traditional settings will be considered according to the needs of the specific situation.




Adopted: July 13, 2005