Business and Finance

Michael Goldbeck
Asst. Sup't for Business and Finance

The Business and Finance Office is an integral part of the administrative team that includes the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principals, and Directors.  We work hand in hand with these educational leaders to ensure that they have the necessary resources - materials, textbooks, technology, equipment, facilities, and transportation - to provide a quality educational program for every student in the school district.  If we are performing our duties, then teachers and principals can focus on student learning.  We administer and manage the business side of operating a school district including such functions as budget development and management,accounting, payroll and benefits, accounts payable, procurement, transportation, facilities planning and capital construction, and providing nutritious meal offerings through our school nutrition program.

To view budget information please click on the "budget information" link to the left of this page or on the link below.  Questions relating to the budget or budget process may be addressed to:

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