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Dr. Martin Handler

August 2019


Dear Parents and Community:

The new school year is fast approaching. I would like to inform you of some exciting changes that are planned for September.

Breakfast has been shown to be an important factor in students doing as well as possible in their academic performance.  For the past several years we have given all students taking the NY State tests in grades 3 to 8 free breakfast.  For this year, the Board of Education has decided to offer ALL students in ALL grades free breakfast.  There will be more details on this as the opening of school approaches.

That being said, it is more important than ever for parents who are eligible to apply for the free and reduced price breakfast and lunch program.  This year, students who are qualified for reduced price meals will get those meals free of any cost.  In addition, if the percentage of free and reduced students increases just a small amount from the current levels, we will be able to offer all students breakfast and lunch through the summer at no cost.  These meals would be available at one site, most likely Seymour Smith ILC.

There are numerous changes happening throughout the district.  At Cold Spring ELC we have done an extensive clean out.  In addition, we have started a program of needed furniture replacement, beginning with the school library.  We will have a new principal at the school.  Mr. Anthony Celenza will begin the year as the Interim Principal while we engage in the process to replace now retired Mr. Glynn.  I anticipate the permanent principal being on board by January.

Our energy performance project is in its last phase.  The solar array at the High School is operating and producing electricity to greatly lower our cost at that building.  New propane burners and underground tanks have been installed at the Junior/Senior High School and at Cold Spring ELC.  The system that manages the heating and ventilation at all three schools has been upgraded and older parts of that system replaced. In addition, a number of less visible energy improvements have been made.

Our auditorium renovation project continues as well.  The fully renovated auditorium is scheduled to be completed by mid-December.

I am looking forward to welcoming back our students and staff in a few short weeks. 



Martin D. Handler, Ed.D