Annually Appointed District Officers

  • 1. District Clerk Julia Watson Tomaine
    2. District Treasurer Laura Rafferty
    3. Deputy Treasurer Martin Handler
    4. School Tax Collector Joan Taylor
    5. Deputy School Tax Collector Aileen Waltke
    6. Claims Auditor TBD
    7. School Attorney Shaw, Perelson, May & Lambert, LLP
    8. School Architects CS ARCH
    9. Broker Dental Insurance, Student Accident Insurance J.J. Stanis and Company, Inc.
    10. Attendance Officers Tara Grieb, Julie Roberts, Gian Starr
    11. Records Access Officer Michael Goldbeck
    12. Records Access Appeal Officer Martin Handler
    13. Records Management Officer Michael Goldbeck
    14. Purchasing Agent Michael Goldbeck
    15. Web Master (District Website) Julia Watson Tomaine
    16. Website Coordinator Julia Watson Tomaine
    17. District Auditor (External) Sickler, Torchia & Churchill, CPA’s PC
    18. Internal Auditor (Risk Assessment)

    Raymond Preusser, CPA, P.C.

    19. AHERA Asbestos Designee Michael Remsburger
    20. Asbestos Designee Michael McCarthy
    21. Chemical Hygiene Officer Richard McKibben
    22. School Pesticide Representative Richard McKibben
    23. Privacy Officer (HIPAA) Laura Rafferty
    24. Conferences, Conventions and Workshop Attendance Martin Handler
    25. Application for grants in Aid (State and Federal)

    Janine Babcock,

    Brian Timm

    26. Central Treasurer for Extra Classroom Activity Funds Margaret Bonneville




    Title IX/VII Compliance Officers



    Janine Babcock

    Lindsey Lowry

    Gian Starr

    Julie Roberts

    Brian Timm
    Christopher Boyd

    28. Section 504/Title II ADA Compliance Officer Janine Babcock
    29. Title VI Compliance Officer Martin Handler
    30. EEOC Compliance Officer Michael Goldbeck
    31. Liaison for Homeless Children and Youth Janine Babcock
    32. Designated Education Official - Court Liaison Tara Grieb
    33. District Residency Designee Michael Goldbeck
    34. Federal Child Nutrition Program Review Official Lawrence Anthony
    35. Federal Child Nutrition Program Verification Official Michael Goldbeck
    36. Federal Child Nutrition Program Hearing Official Martin Handler
    37. District Trustee to Dutchess County Workers Compensation Cooperative Michael Goldbeck
    38. Trustee to New York Liquid Asset Funds (NYLAF) Michael Goldbeck
    39. Receiver of Bids Mary Fetzko
    40. School Physician CareMount Medical Group, PC - Dr. Karl Heymann, MD
    41. Property Control Manager Michael Goldbeck






    Dignity For All Student Act Coordinators




    Brian Timm

    Tara Grieb

    Gian Starr

    Julie Roberts




    43. Title IX Coordinator Brian Timm (District)
    44. District Data Administrator Julia Watson Tomaine
    45. District Data Supervisor Gian Starr
    46. District Trustee to the Dutchess County Workers’ Compensation Cooperative (Alternative) Laura Rafferty
    47. Data Protection Officer Christopher Boyd
    48. District Chief School Safety Officer Martin Handler