Public Comment

  • On September 2, 2021, Governor Hochul, signed into law the Emergency Rental Assistance Program Eviction/Foreclosure legislation (Chapter 417 of the Laws of 2021), Part E of which law suspends the provisions of the Open Meetings Law that require in-person public meetings.

    Beginning October 6, 2021, all Pine Plains Central School District Board of Education meetings will be held remotely until further notice.  The health and safety of our school community is of the utmost importance and we believe that this decision will support the health and safety of our community members.   The meeting will be livestreamed:

    On day of the meeting, if you wish to submit questions / comments for meetings that are held virtually, please use the to submit comments.  These comments will be posted on the Public Comment page along with the Board replies. Comments of an inappropriate nature or that do not adhere to the District's Code of Conduct will not be posted.

    Please make sure you give your name and town that you reside in the email.  Thank you.

Submitted Comments for BOE Meetings