Blueprint for Excellence

  • Dear Members of the Pine Plains School Community,

    It has never been more important to be focused, aligned and intentional in our work. We are very excited to share the results of our collaborative efforts to develop plans that will help us to continue growing and improving as we always strive for excellence.

    Our “Blueprint for Excellence” is the result of planning sessions that were held with our Board of Education, Leadership Team, staff, parents, and community members. We worked with feedback gathered from the community this past fall as we developed a plan that will help us continue to grow and achieve as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

    This plan will be the backbone for what we do. It will serve as a roadmap in our efforts to connect with each child and family while enhancing our connections as a school and a community. We’re in this work together and look forward to being your teammate in our continued effort to be a model school of excellence.

    Thank you for your feedback and support. Your collaboration and teamwork make all the difference in the lives of children and the success of the district.


    Dr. Brian Timm                                                                            
    Superintendent of Schools                                                 

Blueprint for Success Documents

Accountability and Implementation Plan

  • In the spirit of transparency, diligence to the task at hand and sharing our progress as a team, the following schedule has been developed for regular reporting on progress in working towards objectives:




    January-March, 2023


    1. Blueprint Plan Presented to the Community and Adopted by the BOE
    2. Blueprint Plan shared with the faculty and staff
    3. Blueprint Plan unpacked with smaller groups



    Superintendent, BOE




    Leadership Team

    June, 2023

    Blueprint Updates provided to the BOE, Community and Staff


    Superintendent and Leadership Team

    July, 2023


    Administrators Planning Day


    Superintendent Leadership Team



    Quarterly (Sept., Dec., March, June)

    Blueprint Updates provided to the BOE, Community, and Staff


    Leadership Team