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Fall Sports - Recap

Field Hockey - Varsity

The team finished the season with an overall record of 5-7-2. A very young team with only 3 upperclassmen worked hard and learned throughout the season about how to be focused and consistent in their gameplay.

We had our upperclassmen be plagued with injuries for a month. We started the season very strong and then had to make adjustments due to our injuries. We finished the season strong and made it into sectionals. We won our quarterfinal game and lost in our semifinal game to the eventual Sectional Champs. Our program values hard work and dedication. Learning and growing are key to our continued success. We encourage off-season workouts, indoor field hockey and winter league.  Seniors Captain Michele Barron and Right defender Sarah Griffin will be missed. 

Coach Deb Beam

Field Hockey - Modified

After a dominating 2022 season (5-2-1) with only 7 girls (4 of whom were ready to move up to varsity) we knew this off season we needed to recruit. We were very fortunate to obtain 8 new players including 1 freshman and 7 7th graders. 

We had an entire month of practices before our month of games and we took advantage. We went back to the basics of field hockey and added on as we saw fit. 

After our first three games we were off to a messy start at 0-2-1. We quickly bounced back winning two tough games in a row and increasing our record to 2-2-1.  With only 3 games left (Rondout, Taconic Hills, and Onteora) the season was coming to a quick close. We fought hard until the very last game in the rain acquiring two ties and a loss...ending the season at 2-3-3. 

Off season work for the field hockey program is key to our success during the season. The girls play in winter league at the Milton sports dome, have indoor at the high school one night a week, play in indoor tournaments including our own throughout the winter season, and some of our varsity players are lucky enough to travel with a team down to Florida to compete in Winter Escape. During the summer we also play in summer league at Rondout, summer tournaments, and outdoor practice one night a week at the high school. Our coaches also put in the work by being a part of the off season and constantly creating more opportunities for the varsity, modified, and peewees (k-6). We love coaching in this program and do everything we can to increase growth in our players year-round. 

Right now we have a very dedicated group of young girls, eager to improve in the off season and prepare for next year. 

We had an amazing season of growth and can't wait for next fall! 

Go Bombers!

Coach Sarah E. Beam

Soccer - Varsity Girls

The Girls Varsity Soccer team had a very successful season this year going 9-7 and reached the Section IX finals! This was the first time that any girl's soccer team has made sectionals at Pine Plains. This season was the culmination of four years of hard work for a senior class that has faced a lot of adversity over the last several seasons. Two seniors, Elizabeth Hieter and Tessa Blackburn and eighth grader Nevaeh Rennie received Class C All-Star recognition.  We will sorely miss our seven graduating seniors (Yasmin Agustin, Kelsey Atkinson, Brianna Blackburn, Tessa Blackburn, Elizabeth Hieter, Grey Leach and Estrella Ruano) but look forward to a bright future in the program.

Coach Wiley

Volleyball - Varsity

This season was a true test of our team's resilience and determination. After losing five seniors last year, we knew it would be a rebuilding year. Despite ending with a 4-9 record, the true story lies in the remarkable progress we made throughout the season. Our dedicated team of 9 players showed up every day, pouring their hearts in the game. We'll miss our senior captain, Ellie Hay, next year. What makes us even prouder is that our hard work and sportsmanship were not only evident to us buy also recognized by officials and other coaches. This season served as a critical stepping stone for our team's future success. 

Coach Erin Burruano

Volleyball - JV

The JV Volleyball season was nothing short of exceptional, brimming with enthusiasm, dedication, and remarkable growth. As the season unfolded, our team embarked on a journey that surpassed all expectations, leaving an indelible mark of achievement and camaraderie.

From the very first serve, it was evident that this season was going to be special. The team's commitment to improvement was palpable, with every practice marked by unwavering determination and a hunger for excellence.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this season was witnessing the remarkable progress made by each player. From mastering essential techniques to fostering a deep understanding of teamwork, the growth displayed by our athletes was nothing short of commendable. Every bump, set, and spike was a testament to their hard work and resilience.

Coach Alec Sisco

Volleyball - Modified

The PP Bombers played 9 games total. Final record 4 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties. There will 11 players on the roster, 10 8th graders, 1 7th grader. The wins were against Rhinebeck, Millbrook, Webutuck and Onteora. The Most Improved Player award went to Rochelle Gordon. The Most Valuable Player award went to Natalie French. The successful season ended with a delicious buffet style dinner and presentation in the school cafeteria. This was Coach Strickland's 7th year coaching Modified Volleyball at Pine Plains Middle School and 9th year coaching at the school.
-Coach Larry Strickland

Cross Country

Bomber Nation! 

If you haven't heard already the sendoff you gave Cross Country on Thursday propelled Violet Bliss to 11th place and our boys team WON the NYS Class D XC State Championship!!!!

This is incredible HISTORY as they are only the 2nd team to win a STATE Championship in school history.  The 2002 Baseball won a team championship and now the 2023 Boys cross country team.  We have had 2 individual championships as well with Corinna Hengen (Burton) and Avery Evans with individual championships in Track.

The boys ran so well that they would have won Class B and Class C as well.  There were only 4 schools in the entire state that were faster than our bombers.  Many of which have more kids in one grade than we have in our ENTIRE district.

Here they are the HISTORY making boys team: 

Max Decker
Danny McPherson
Jared Heggenstaller
Nick McPherson
Max Heggenstaller
Nick Montoya
Gabe Hieter

Coach: Ryan Carney

2023 MHAL League CHAMPS, Sectional CHAMPS and now NYS Class D STATE CHAMPS!

Football - Varsity

The season was marked by remarkable growth and success, both for the team and individual players. Starting with a modest 2-3 record, the team demonstrated resilience and determination, finished the regular season at 4-4 and achieved a 1-1 record in the playoffs. The seniors played a pivotal role, in leading the team on the field and by mentoring the younger players. The 11th, 10th, and 9th graders also showed commendable effort, keeping the seniors competitive and fulfilling crucial roles during games and practices. This collective effort, supported by dedicated coaches and a supportive community, culminated in a season of meaningful growth and success for the team.

Coach Michael Cooper

Football - Modified

The Pine Plains Bombers had an impressive football season this year. They showcased their talent and determination on the field, leaving a mark in the league. The team displayed excellent teamwork and coordination, which resulted in several victories throughout the season. Their strong defense made it challenging for opponents to score, while their skilled offense consistently found ways to put points on the board. The players' commitment to training and their passion for the game shone through in every match. The Pine Plains Bombers truly had a memorable season, and their hard work and dedication paid off with a successful campaign.

-Coach Andrew Anderson 
-Coach Brian Walsh

Golf - Varsity Boys

The Boys' Varsity Golf team was brought back as an active sport last fall and this was the first year in league play, the boys won their division and competed in the MHAL Championship.  We also had 4 boys qualify for the section 9 qualifier, with Richard Starzyk finishing in the top 20 and will be competing in the spring.  Congrats to a great season!

Coach John Schoonmaker

Soccer - JV Boys

This year was the first year boys soccer has had a JV season in years. Without a varsity team to follow, they had to pave their own way in the sport    It was a true rebirth for the program going 4-4 overall. The competition the team faced was very competitive. This pushed the team to show up every practice and work hard each day. The strength and determination from this team is a motivating factor that definitely was felt through the school environment and their peers. 

Coach John Blackburn

Soccer - Modified

Bomber's boys modified soccer had an excellent fall season when it came to laying the foundation for future soccer success.  The 17 boys on the team worked extremely hard all season and improved greatly from both practices and games.  Much of the team lacked soccer experience but that did not stop them from learning skills and building strong bonds throughout the season.  The boys did not let the winless season get them down and they are super psyched to play again next year.  At the awards dinner, Kayden Crotty won Most Improved as his goalie skills rivaled many of the highlight plays you see on TV.   Also at the dinner MVP was Tristan Patterson, making an impact all over the field including scoring goals and making strong tackles.  "I want to thank the boys for giving the team their all this season.  I truly appreciate them all and will miss them a lot" 

Coach Jeremy Weber

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