Welcome to Physical Education

  • Dear Parents or Guardians,

    Welcome to the physical education program at Cold Spring Early Learning Center. My name is Maureen Blackburn and I will be your child’s physical education teacher this year. We have gotten off to a great start this year. This year we are on a 6 day cycle. Pre-Kindergarten will have physical education 2 times in the 6 day cycle and Kindergarten and first grade will have physical education 3 times in the 6 day cycle.

    Your child will be involved in a structured physical education class that will emphasize fun while increasing students’ levels of physical fitness. We will also emphasize the self-satisfaction of giving one’s best effort, regardless of winning or losing. At the Pre-K to first grade level the students will develop balance, space orientation, body image, coordination, locomotor movements, and manipulative skills. All students will be graded on Effort and Conduct in physical education.

    For all students to have a safe and positive experience in physical education, the following expectations will need to be followed:

    1. All students will listen and follow the instructor’s directions.

    2. All students will remember safety and Wear Sneakers

    3. All students will stop, look and listen when they hear the signal

    4. All students will treat others with respect and kindness

    5. All students will handle equipment with care

    6. All students will try hard and have fun

    All students will participate in the activities scheduled unless a written reason is given. If an illness or injury persists, please have a doctor write a note explaining the restrictions your child has, as well as the duration of the injury or illness.

    All students have been reminded that they must wear SNEAKERS and SOCKS during physical education class. This rule is for his/her own safety as well as the safety of the other students. No high heels, clogs, boots or sandals will be permitted and the students will be asked to sit out of fun activities for the day. Sneakers must fit well and stay on the student during activity as well. Please also help your child practice tying their own sneakers.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for taking the time to read this with your child.  This is going to be a fun-filled year!

    Yours in fun and fitness,

    Maureen Blackburn

    Physical Education Teacher CSELC
    (845) 868-7451 ex. 2229