• Hello Parents and Guardians,

    Today, the Pine Plains administrative team met to outline the steps for the closure of our school buildings. The following email will outline the steps we are taking to close our buildings, get materials to students, and provide additional information moving forward.

    Currently, we are closed for two weeks. It is the belief of all of us that the district will be closed beyond the two weeks, and we are planning accordingly. During the two weeks of closure, and into any additional closure, there will be no organized activities of any kind taking place in our school buildings. The goal of the closure and end to activities is to create "social distancing" that reduces the spread of COVID-19. 

    As such, ALL SCHOOL BUILDINGS WILL BE CLOSED AS OF THE END OF THE DAY ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18TH, except to essential staff. For the next three days, Cold Spring will be facilitating the picking up of instructional packets and students' personal items. Teachers for all classes have developed packets for the students. Pick up for these items will take place from 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Monday through Wednesday. Any instructional packets not picked up will be mailed, and any personal items not picked up will remain in the school during closure. You are under no obligation to come to the school to retrieve items, and the best medical guidance still suggests limiting contact between individuals. 

    Should you choose to come to pick up items and materials, we ask that you do not come in to the building. School district personnel will bring your child's items out you. You may drive up to the building and staff members will retrieve your items. We ask that you please be patient as we complete this process. Again, you are under no obligation to come and packets will be mailed home if you do not.

    Currently, the school is not offering instruction beyond materials provided by the teachers. We are working on assembling resources from online learning platforms, and will let you know about those opportunities. Spectrum will provide internet service free of charge to families in need. The number to call for this service is 1-844-488-8395. Please let me know if you have technology needs to access these services. 

    Gertrude Hawk orders are arriving on Wednesday, March 18th. These will be processed on that day only. Any orders not picked up will be stored in the building and made available when we reopen. 

    Kindergarten Screening, scheduled for April 27th-April 30th is now postponed. We will select a date when we are given guidance for reopening. 

    We do not yet know what implications these school closures will have on the 180 day requirement for students in New York State. We will keep you up-to-date on any new guidance we receive for reopening schools as it becomes available. 

    We are currently working to determine how we will get food to families during the closure. A separate email will be sent out regarding food service during the closure period. 

    Please continue to check for correspondences from the district, my office, and your child's teacher. We wish you all safety and health in these difficult times. I am available via email throughout the closure should you need anything. 

    Best Wishes,


    Gian Starr, Principal
    Cold Spring ELC