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Winter Update

Hello Bombernation Families!

Just wanted to send you some updates and information. As you know our HS students have returned. All students are doing a great job following the many guidelines and safety measures that are in place. We have mixed reviews, as expected from our students. While different isn’t always good or bad, it seems to be the best word to describe how school is. While for some it isn’t a good fit, others report that though it is different they are happy for the change of scenery from their bedrooms and having a purpose or place to go. We are certainly happy to have people in the halls and classrooms!

As you may know there is some inclement weather in the forecast. This is a good opportunity to discuss delay and closing procedures in this new scenario. First, our curbside pickup for full remote students will end at 3pm tomorrow (12/16) due to predicted snowfall.

In the event of a weather related delay or closing the procedure is as follows:

Closing on a GREEN calendar day (WEDNESDAYS) will remain as a remote learning day. Students who DO come to school on Green Days will log in from home and will not come to school.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday if there is a need for a delay or closing we will do so as we did Pre-COVID, meaning there will be a traditional delay or closing, announced as it has always been.


Inclement weather that would require a closing will convert us to a remote learning day. This will apply to all days of the week. I will send another letter if/when we get to that point so that you know we have switched over from traditional snow days to remote snow days.

While this is all a lot to manage, plan and remember logistically, please know that we appreciate all of you and your patience as we wade through this difficult time. As I have said before, while there are many challenges and difficulties, I find that some of the benefits have been finding joy in the quiet moments and simple things. I hope that each of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Mrs. Grieb