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New Website

February 2019

To the Pine Plains Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our newly redesigned website for the Pine Plains Central School District.  This is our second major revision of the website and comes as a result of feedback from parents, staff and our students. I believe that you will find this website easier to use and receive necessary information. At the same time we will be launching a new mobile application for smartphones that will provide much more information than previous versions.

The website is part of a major Board of Education initiative to provide information to our parents and the community in general.  We have also greatly expanded our use of social media.  The district and each of our school buildings have their own Facebook page and Twitter is used extensively by the high school administration and the athletic department.

A major addition last year was our virtual backpack.  Instead of flyers sent home with students which often do not reach their destination, notices of both school activities and events in the community are made available through a web link every Friday afternoon.  For more information on the virtual backpack or the new website you can contact Mrs. Julia Tomaine in the District Office at (518) 398-7181 ext. 1408.

Finally I look forward to updating you throughout the school year as we add additional communications outlets. 

Please feel free to contact me through telephone calls or email if you have questions or concerns of a districtwide nature or your student principal for specific school concerns.


Martin D. Handler, Ed.D