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2020 Census: A Message from DiDi Barrett

Dear Neighbor,

Every ten years, the US Census Bureau works to count
every person residing in the United States. The information
collected helps inform the federal government on many
important political, economic, and social decisions including
the allocation of funding, legislative redistricting, and
congressional representation.

In previous Census counts, New York State has been
undercounted, resulting in the loss of tens of billions in
federal funding for hospitals, public schools, transportation,
emergency services, and more. Following the 2010 Census,
New York lost two congressional seats.

Despite this pattern of undercounting, the federal
government this time has cut the Census Bureau budget,
reduced the number of field offices, focused on the use of
online forms (though not everyone has internet access), and
proposed the addition of a citizenship question.

Now is the time to get involved to be sure our communities
are fully counted. Local outreach through libraries, schools,
houses of worship, and other places of trust will be most
effective. My office has developed this toolkit to help you
learn more about the 2020 Census and take action in your
communities. If we can be of any assistance or answer
questions, please feel free to contact my office.


Didi Barrett,
Assembly Member


Attachment:  See PDF Flyer