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Letter from the Superintendent 9-24-20

 September 24, 2020

 Dear Parents and Guardians:

 I am writing to update you on the events at the school district that will impact your students.  As promised we are beginning to review the way in which our schools will transition to the hybrid or in-person/remote format for learning.  Our original Re-Entry Task Force is meeting today and will be meeting again next week to provide us guidance on how to proceed.  We hope to have a decision on transition process by the Board of Education meeting on October 7th.  The earliest that we could begin the transition to the hybrid format would be October 19th to allow parents to make the necessary arrangement for the change.  This presumes that there are no events that would delay this process.

As we are in the planning phase of transitioning from our Stage 1, all remote learning, into Stage 2, hybrid, learning we would like to share information on how our hybrid learning model will look. In our Stage 2 or hybrid learning model, our students will be separated into two cohorts by last name. Cohort Blue is students with last names beginning with letters A-Le and Cohort Grey will be students with last names beginning with letters Li-Z. There are a few exceptions to this as we work to keep families with multiple last names on the same day and cohorts balanced. We will contact you directly if this affects you.

 Cohort Blue will be attending in-person learning at least two days per week and Cohort Grey will be attending in-person learning at least two days per week opposite each other. While Cohort Blue is in-person, Cohort Grey will be at home participating in remote learning activities.

 Families who choose for their student to remain fully remote are committing to being fully remote for (at least) a 10-week period of time. This allows the schools and the transportation department to make arrangements that follow social distancing guidelines. If your family chooses to remain remote you will get information about what that program will look like.

 To assist in planning for Stage 2, hybrid learning, we are asking you to complete a brief survey for each child that attends school in our district. The information in the survey is critical for making the transition into in-person learning as smooth as possible. We ask that you complete the survey by Tuesday, September 29th. The survey can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

 Again, let me emphasize how important it is to our planning that you complete this survey by Tuesday.  We will keep you informed as to how plans develop as we get closer to the implementation of the hybrid learning.

 As always, be well and stay safe.


Dr. Martin D. Handler